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  • Posted 22nd September 2023, 8:45 PM
  • By

You may have seen my post about hands free shoes and I had included walkpath. I found out today that walkpath is no longer available and the site is down. I was running a test comparing how many miles I can put on each hands free shoes. I guess with walkpath no longer being available I may take them out of the running and just have a comparision of kiziks and zeba. I have a feeling though that zeba will be able to to put more miles on than kiziks. I am only at a little over 25 miles on each and the zeba is not showing a lot of wear but hte kiziks is showing a lot. Kiziks does have other models with better outsoles so could try one of those. I may also get a pair of skechers and see how they hold up. I have used many skechers in the past and they seem to last a long time so adding them to this test would prove if they are good or not. I guess.

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